Sign In with Apple vs Hide My Email

What is the difference?

Sign In with Apple allows one to sign in to Apps and websites with your current Apple ID. Using Sign In with Apple precludes having to sign in with an existent social media account or creating a new password.

Hide my Email is part of Apple’s iCloud+. Hide My Email allows one to create unique random email addresses that forward to your personal email. Hide My Email can be created for any App or website that requires an email address for registration or communication. Hide My Email can be used in Apps and Websites that do not support Sign In With Apple.

Both Sign in With Apple and Hide My Email are good ways to protect your anonymity online by protecting your personal email address.

Apple launches $50 million Supplier Employee Development Fund

Apple today announced a $50 million Supplier Employee Development Fund that will expand access to learning opportunities and skills development. The fund also includes new and expanded partnerships with leading rights advocates, universities, and nonprofits to drive Apple’s ongoing work to empower supplier employees and drive improvements in knowledge of and respect for workplace rights across industries.

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Apple’s $4.7B in Green Bonds support innovative green technology

Investments from Apple’s $4.7 billion in Green Bonds have helped jump-start the development of new low-carbon manufacturing and recycling technologies, the company announced today. Apple has issued three Green Bonds since 2016, with projects showcasing how the investments can reduce global emissions and bring clean power to communities around the world.

As part of this work, Apple is purchasing direct carbon-free aluminum following a major advancement in smelting technology to reduce emissions. The aluminum is the first to be manufactured at industrial scale outside of a laboratory without creating any direct carbon emissions during the smelting process. The company intends for the material to be introduced in the iPhone SE.

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Apple announces new coaching program and features for educators

Empowering educators with technology and resources is fundamental to Apple — that’s why professional learning has always been a key piece of Apple’s education offerings. Today, Apple is unveiling Apple Learning Coach, a new professional learning program for educators who coach teachers to get the most out of Apple technology. Additionally, the Apple Education Community, coming this fall, will be a new hub for Apple professional learning resources and a collaborative space where educators will be able to connect and share ideas. Apple also announced that Managed Apple IDs will integrate with Google Workspace, making it easy for users and IT to keep their organizational accounts in sync, along with updates coming to Apple’s Classroom and Schoolwork apps to help educators keep lessons engaging.

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