macOS networkQuality utility

macOS Monterrey introduced the networkQuality command line utility to test internet connectivity from the Terminal App. To run the utility, open the Terminal App and type in


The tool by default runs upload and download speed tests in parallel rather than sequentially. This may give a more accurate indication of the true quality of the connection.

The tool grades the connection on what is referred to as ‘Responsiveness’.

Responsiveness measures the quality of your network by the number of roundtrips completed per minute (RPM) under working conditions.

Responsiveness is classified into three categories:

  • Low: If any device on the same network is, for example, downloading a movie or backing up photos to iCloud, the connection in some apps or services might be unreliable, like during FaceTime video calls or gaming.
  • Medium: When multiple devices or apps are sharing the network, you might see momentary pauses or freezes, like during FaceTime audio or video calls.
  • High: Regardless of the number of devices and apps sharing the network, apps and services should maintain good connection.

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